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Things to do outdoors in Duluth

How to Get to Ely’s Peak and the DWP Tunnel

Getting to Ely’s Peak can be confusing. I once took our small children on a dangerous route in which we climbed vertically up a sheer rock. While the perilous experience makes for great family lore – as in, “Mom, remember when you freaked out at Ely’s Peak?” — we wanted to find a safer way to the top of one of the highest peaks in Duluth ...  [Read More...]

Visiting Duluth with Kids? A Must-Do Summer List

I recently received a Facebook message from a family planning to visit Duluth for a weekend in early summer. Their question, “What are some must see and dos with our 7 and 3.5 year old kiddos?” First, welcome to Duluth!  We are so happy you are coming to … [Read More...]

Camping (In-Town) at Bagley Nature Area

Recently, we decided at the last minute to go camping. At 5:03 p.m., we left our house. By 5:13 p.m., we were at our campsite. We went camping at the new Bagley Nature Area campground on the UMD campus. The campground has 6 sites in a large open field, each with a picnic table. There is a shared fire ring, water spigot with potable water, and a nearby biffy. It was … [Read More...]

Guided Hike at Hartley Park: A Great Way to Learn

It is often said that children are like sponges. My own kids astonish me with how quickly they soak up information and effortlessly recall … [Read More...]

$5 Vista Fleet Boat Tours

“Mom, you need to blog about this! People will want to do this,” advised Daley during a Vista Fleet boat tour of Duluth’s harbor. I had … [Read More...]