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Jarrid Houston's fishing report

"Rocktober" is on the Way!

With the upcoming forecast, we will continue to see more lakes start to turnover in full totality.

By: Jarrid Houston | September 25, 2019

Look out, here comes "Rocktober” fishing. Water temps are continuously declining on most area waters. Some lakes are seeing surface temps finally approaching the 50s. With the upcoming forecast, we will continue to see more lakes start to turnover in full totality. We are finally getting a bit of an uptick in fishing success as opposed to last week. Still experiencing some challenging days, but things are certainly starting to pick up. Hopefully the weather cooperates a little better than that of what September brought. Also, be on the lookout for some seasonal closures and make sure to keep up on respective area fishing regulations. 


Lake Superior is still seeing a decline in fishing pressure. Weekends are obviously hosting the most anglers, but reports are of the hit-and-miss type. North Shore anglers are still finding a mix of lakers and salmon by trolling flashy spoons and stick baits. Salmon and a few steelhead are sticking closer to the tributary mouths on both shorelines of the lake. Walleye fishing continues to be slow, but some are getting lucky trolling a combination of shad raps. Don't be surprised to catch any species at any depth as fall has set in and air temperatures are mixing nicely with surface water temps. Stream anglers are still competing with faster, dirtier waters but are finding some success. It’s best to seek out current breaks and stay patient as many fish are starting to migrate up the rivers. 

St. Louis River is still a bit challenging, but things should be picking up this week. Most the fish coming boat-side have been caught on live bait rigging. Fish are scattered throughout the whole system, but like the Superior streams, we are seeing some migratory walleyes. Putting in the time is still the key for the most success. Soon enough we should start to see some active shiner runs. Then things should get magical.

Inland waters continue to give up a good mixed bag of smallies, walleyes, pike and a few panfish. Crappies are still either roaming in schools off weed-breaks or stationary on lumber cribs. Don't be surprised to lock up with a walleye or two while fishing crappies over sunken crib areas. Smallies, true to nature, are starting to show there fall temper. Aggressive soft plastic jigging near rock and timber is picking up some nice fish. Musky anglers continue to flock to typical predator areas as well.  


A few notes:

Be on the lookout for hunters as it’s that time of year again. 

WI & MN Statewide Inland Waters Lake Trout closes on September 30th. 

MN Lake Superior Lake Trout Closes on October 6th.

WI Upper Brule (County Road S to County Rd B; Douglas County) closes on September 30th.


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