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Duluth History

The Duluth Depot

A Pivotal Point of Exchange in Duluth since the 19th Century

Rob Hedburg | November 13, 2018

Congdon Park

Chester Congdon's Naturally Beautiful Legacy

Rob Hedburg | October 16, 2018

Duluth's 7th Avenue West Incline

The Bygone Way of Topping the Hill

Rob Hedburg | September 18, 2018

Old Main Park

The Remnant of the Lower Campus

Rob Hedburg | August 27, 2018

Frank Wade Municipal Stadium

Duluth's Home for Baseball Since 1941

Rob Hedburg | August 6, 2018

Enger Park and Tower

Welcoming Tourists Since the 1930s

Rob Hedburg | July 16, 2018

Duluth Canal Lighthouses

Lighting The Way for Over a Century

Rob Hedburg | June 25, 2018

Uncle Harvey's Mausoleum

The Abandoned Oddity of Canal Park

Rob Hedburg | June 4, 2018

The Historic Scenic Drives of Duluth

Skyline Parkway and North Shore Scenic Drive

Rob Hedburg | May 21, 2018