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A Simple Snowshoe Hike Gone Wrong


It was supposed to be a simple Mom-Daley outing. Since he loves to build campfires, we headed to the Lismore Road trailhead of the Superior Hiking Trail, with the goal of snowshoeing a short mile to a SHT campsite, which has a fire ring.

The White Pine campsite is special to us as it is where Daley and I did our gear shakedown overnight before embarking on our long-distance SHT hike. This is where we learned that our water filter took out impurities, but not the brown color left by tannins in Lester River. We hadn’t realized this when we practiced with our clear kitchen faucet water the day before. Drinking brown water the first time was hard.   [Read More...]






UMD's Outdoor Fireplace and Sledding HillDuluth

Daley, at 9 years old, is our resident pyrotechnician. Therefore we are always looking for safe locations he can build and tend a fire, especially in the winter. We’ve roasted hot dogs over an open flame in the Brighton Beach fire shelter and heated hot cocoa over a beach fire on Wisconsin Point. We can now add roasting marshmallows at the outdoor fireplace at the University of Minnesota Duluth...  [Read More...]


Web Woods: A Quick Leg StretcherDuluth

Do you have a trip to Miller Hill planned this week? Or a Target run? If so, take a few minutes to stretch your legs in nature while exploring Web Woods. It’s a 60-acre wooded area nestled in the Duluth Heights neighborhood. ...  [Read More...]


How to Get to Ely’s Peak and the DWP Tunnel

Getting to Ely’s Peak can be confusing. I once took our small children on a dangerous route in which we climbed vertically up a sheer rock. While the perilous experience makes for great family lore – as in, “Mom, remember when you freaked out at Ely’s Peak?” — we wanted to find a safer way to the top of one of the highest peaks in Duluth ...  [Read More...]

Visiting Duluth with Kids? A Must-Do Summer List

I recently received a Facebook message from a family planning to visit Duluth for a weekend in early summer. Their question, “What are some must see and dos with our 7 and 3.5 year old kiddos?” First, welcome to Duluth!  We are so happy you are coming to … [Read More...]

Camping (In-Town) at Bagley Nature Area

Recently, we decided at the last minute to go camping. At 5:03 p.m., we left our house. By 5:13 p.m., we were at our campsite. We went camping at the new Bagley Nature Area campground on the UMD campus. The campground has 6 sites in a large open field, each with a picnic table. There is a shared fire ring, water spigot with potable water, and a nearby biffy. It was … [Read More...]

Guided Hike at Hartley Park: A Great Way to Learn

It is often said that children are like sponges. My own kids astonish me with how quickly they soak up information and effortlessly recall … [Read More...]

$5 Vista Fleet Boat Tours

“Mom, you need to blog about this! People will want to do this,” advised Daley during a Vista Fleet boat tour of Duluth’s harbor. I had … [Read More...]

Enger Park: The Perfect Summer Picnic Spot 

It was 90+ degrees, muggy, and the summer sun was blazing so we looked for shade for our Father’s Day picnic. We found it at ... [Read More...]

Enjoy a Beach Fire at Wisconsin Point

“Can we come here once a week?” asked Daley hopefully as we followed the sandy path in the dark back to our vehicle after enjoying an evening at ... [Read More...]

Web Woods: A Quick Leg Stretcher 

Do you have a trip to Miller Hill planned this week? Or a Target run? If so, take a few minutes to stretch your legs in nature while exploring ... [Read More...]