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Douglas Brinkley "fell in love with Duluth" during his visit to Minnesota

MPR Executive Editor Mike Edgerly interviewed author Douglas Brinkley

By: Visit Duluth | January 22, 2019

Doug Brinkley headshot photoWhile on tour to promote his book "The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America," Douglas Brinkley was interviewed for MPR News by Mike Edgerly.  He discussed the book and his travels, including a visit to Minnesota. Brinkley, a native of Austin Texas, said he has “fallen in love with Duluth.”

Listen to Douglas's comments on Duluth, Minnesota:



Here's an excerpt from the article published by MPR News:

Douglas Brinkley on the nation's 'first conservation president'
MPR News Staff · Jan 22, 2019

As a result of the government shutdown, most of the national parks are operating with greatly reduced services.

If he were still alive, former President Theodore Roosevelt would be one of the most disappointed about this. His appreciation for nature and his efforts to protect public lands and wildlife are legendary.

This is the subject of a book by historian Douglas Brinkley, who was interviewed in 2009 by MPR Executive Editor Mike Edgerly, who sat in for Gary Eichten occasionally to host the Midday program. Mike Edgerly is leaving MPR next week after a 27-year career here, and this hour you can hear one of his most interesting programs.

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