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Conditions are Tough

The good news is we are getting closer to "late ice" as the weather changes to more mild winter temps.

By: Jarrid Houston | February 28, 2018

Conditions are tough. After the dumping of snow, and now the melting, we have less than favorable ice conditions. The only means of travel that is somewhat efficient is by snowmobile. ATVs and most vehicles don't stand a chance. If you try and drive on area water, bring a shovel because getting stuck is inevitable. To make it worse, fishing continues to be on the slower side. Logging many hours for little reward has been a major bummer this week. That's the way it goes. The good news is we are getting closer to "late ice" as the weather changes to more mild winter temps. I sure hope this snow melts fast so we can get back to better ice travel conditions. Until then, we will continue to grind out and chase fish.

Lake Superior is showing more signs of anglers. It won't be long until many will take to the open water and troll for springtime Coho salmon. We already have reports of "Shorelanders" (shore casting anglers) having "some" success catching a few salmon and an occasional Looper or Steelhead. It is no secret that in the coming weeks, the North Shore is going to get very busy. Ice anglers are still finding some success in the Ashland area of Chequamegon Bay. Ice travel is no better over there than it is in the Duluth area.

The St. Louis River continues to be on the silent side of things. With the close of game fish on the river, angler pressure will be very low. Some will continue to chase backwater panfish.


Inland lake fishing is the best bet for catching a few fish. As previously mentioned, it is not easy. Hole hopping or "ice trolling" is a big challenge when you have lots of snow, slush and water to deal with. Some of the launching points in the area are bad, so take extreme caution if you decide to drive onto local lakes. Rice lake claimed another victim this week as a truck slipped through near the access point. As far as fishing goes, most areas are clearing up of angling pressure. Eventually, fish are going to come around and be back on the chew. Some anglers are finding mixed success with just dead sticking crappie minnows over deeper basins for crappies.

*Reminder: Make sure to get new 2018 fishing licenses. Both Minnesota and Wisconsin are in the new angling year.

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