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Best Indoor Rock Climbing In Minnesota

By: WCCO TV | February 13, 2016

Rock climbing has become a popular and exciting outdoor activity with a growing number of climbers across the United States. Numbers of avid rock climbers from Minnesota have also grown in recent years. However, with all of the gear and time required to climb, it can quickly become an expensive hobby that sometimes even has a travel requirement.

Thankfully, you do not have to travel all the way to Colorado to find some great locations to climb. You don’t even have to go outside to find a rock climbing location! Minnesota has a lot of great indoor climbing venues and places to practice skills without having to head out to a cliff. Indoor rock climbing gyms also offer support and education for learning new skills and ways to train for greater feats.

Vertical Endeavors

329 Lake Ave. S

Duluth, MN 55802

(218) 279-9980

Located in Northern Minnesota, in the famous Canal Park of Duluth, Vertical Endeavors is an indoor-enthusiast’s dream.

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