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Destination, Duluth: What's new in dining that you don't want to miss

By: Rick Nelson, Star Tribune | June 15, 2016

Seasoned veterans - and a new generation of food-and-drink enthusiasts - are spicing up the city's culinary scene. Here are 40-plus options, just in time for that trip Up North.

It’s a beautiful and uncharacteristically warm Saturday morning in Duluth.

Rather than breakfasting in Canal Park, the familiar waterfront enclave of hotels, restaurants and shops near the Aerial Lift Bridge, I’ve taken my a.m. appetite to the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

(Note that, until about 20 minutes earlier, I was unaware that this semi-gritty area, a quick westerly skip out of downtown Duluth, even had a name, let alone one with such a stalwart, dipped-in-Americana ring as Lincoln Park.)

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Table with a view: At the New Scenic Cafe, chef/owner Scott Graden tops a puff pastry galette with asparagus, prosciutto, Gruyere and a runny egg.