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Love to Fat Bike? This Is Where to Ride.

The sport has reached critical mass, which means there are more trails than ever across the U.S. curated specifically for those extra wide tires.

By: Graham Averill, | January 16, 2015

A few years ago, almost nobody had heard of fat biking. Nowadays, it’s one of the fastest growing winter sports in the U.S. To accommodate the new demand, more bike clubs and land managers are grooming snowy trails specifically for the wider tires.

Take Minnesota, home to one of the most robust fat biking scenes in the country. The state's department of natural resources has pledged to groom 78 miles of trail this winter, specifically for super-wide tires. This grooming serves two purposesâ€"it gives bikers ideal hard pack conditions (you don’t want to ride in fresh, soft snow) and it separates bikers from other users, like cross-country skiers and snowmobilers, sidestepping potential user conflicts.

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