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Northland restaurants find fun ways to cater to youngest customers

Emoji cookies, French toast for dinner and broccoli mark the area's best children's meals, both creative and traditional.

By: Duluth News Tribune - Jana Hollingsworth | January 16, 2020

From an octopus-shaped hot dog to house-made fruit roll-ups, At Sara's Table Chester Creek Cafe doesn’t mess around when it comes to serving kids.

“I know from experience that if a child has fun things to do at the table and an actual meal to look forward to, they can be engaged and love their dining experiences as much as their parents,” said executive chef Jillian Forte.

Chester Creek Cafe is one of many area restaurants that doesn’t overlook its littlest customers. Dining out with kids under a certain age is hard enough. Here are a few places that make an extra effort, whether it’s using top-tier ingredients, offering fruits and vegetables and a wider range of choices, or providing toys and games to keep kids from screens and utter boredom.

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