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Jarrid Houston's fishing report

Steady Fishing in Duluth

Consistent weather has brought on a consistent bite for anglers.

By: Jarrid Houston | July 26, 2019

Fishing remains steady in the Northland. Consistent weather has brought on a consistent bite for anglers. Water temperatures are now into the upper 70's and low 80's, meaning it is becoming increasingly important to handle "release" fish with care. It is crazy to think, but even the apex predators like a big Musky is a very fragile fish in warmer waters. Best to try and keep the fish wet by keeping it in a net in the water as you work to release the bait. Most successful fishing is now coming in areas of deeper cooler waters. We are seeing most of our successful trips fishing 20-30 feet of water. This particular pattern of fishing mid-lake deeper structure will continue for the next several weeks. We are almost to the "dog days" of summer, but make no mistake we will continue to fish and hopefully be on successful bites. Either way, we will continue to bring the weekly fishing reports your way. Thanks for the support.

Lake Superior anglers have been fishing walleye haunts recently and finding good success. Even charter boats have been targeting these areas. This is the time of year where walleye fishing picks up on Lake Superior. From Duluth, MN all through the Brule, WI areas and beyond. Best to utilize electronics and find fish, before you fish, fish. Best tactic has been pulling cranks baits behind planer boards. Best colors seem to be brighter, exotic schemes recently. North Shore anglers continue to put together catches of Lake Trout and a few Salmon off-shore in deeper waters utilizing riggers. Even a few bonus walleyes of trophy caliber have been showing up.  

St. Louis River has seen its fair share of walleye anglers this last week. Bite has been decent, but a lot of smaller fish are being caught. If you find yourself in a pod/school of smaller fish, you may want to speed up your troll and upsize your bait presentation. This can sometimes trigger the bigger fish to go. Or seek out a new areas of bigger year class fish. Often, year classes will stick together. Crank baits and live bait are both doing equally as good. Catfish continue to be hot as well as the occasional perch or pike. Muskie angling continues to be a constant on the river as well, so be cautious.

Inland lake walleye fishing has been good this last week. We are seeing a nice mix of perch and crappies mixed in as well. Slip bobbers and leeches and/or fatheads fished over mid lake humps are taking some nice fish. Best depths are that 15-25 feet of water. During the dark hours of the day, don't be afraid to fish shallower though. Back bays are still providing some action, but for the most part the action is mostly Pike and Large Mouth Bass. Don't forget the bug-dope as the pesky insect have been on a rage lately.   

Just a reminder: Make sure to do a thorough clean, drain and dry of your vessel before exiting the boat launch. Plugs should be out, and any vegetation or other type of specimens should be free from trailer, boat and truck. We need to do all we can to protect the spread of aquatic hitch hikers, and it the law, so there is that..

Good luck out there and be safe, tight lines,

Capt. Jarrid


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