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Jarrid Houston's fishing report

Stay On the Move to Find Active Fish

We are now into what is really the last month of the regular fishing season. Further meaning, it's time to put the "pedal to the metal" on the last legal bites we can find.

By: Jarrid Houston | February 5, 2020

Pedal to the metal is a term often used when trying to get somewhere quick. It derives from a racecar saying, but we use it in everyday life. For us midwinter anglers, it's more of a saying associated with mobile fishing. In other words, staying on the move to find active fish. We are now into what is really the last month of the regular fishing season. Further meaning, it's time to put the "pedal to the metal" on the last legal bites we can find. Unfortunately for me, the next two weeks are filled with annual sports show obligations. However, make no mistake, I will find some time to wet a line. To piggy back off that, make sure to plan and stop down at next week's Duluth Boat, Sports, Travel and RV Show. We again will be hosting a booth for HGS and I will be providing seminars alongside some well-respected outdoorsmen. The show runs Wednesday through Sunday. Here is this week's fishing report:


Lake Superior is getting more and more popular recently with the mild weather. There are even some reports of anglers taking to the soft water and finding great success on the North Shore. Not only are shorelanders wetting a few lines, but also some boats have been out recently. If you are ambitious enough to get out on the boat during February, you are certainly going to catch a few fish. Word is best bite is coming near shore for a mix of Steelhead, Coho Salmon and the occasional bonus Laker. Trolling, casting and jigging are all catching a few fish. If you do decide to take the boat out, best to make sure everything is working right. Lake Superior is not a place where you want to run into trouble, especially in winter. For us hardwater Gitch anglers, we are still finding some fish in the Chequamegon Bay areas. Best bite has come on jig sticks in the shallow water. My favorite lure recently has been a gold buck shot glider tipped with a minnow head and jigged aggressively.

St. Louis River has seen a fresh influx of anglers the last week. Reports of a few walleyes are trickling in. Best bite is on the shallower flats using a jig rap next to a dead stick. We have been fielding a lot of phone calls recently inquiring about river travel. I will say this, travel at your own risk, as conditions on the St. Louis change in a hurry. If you do decide to take a machine out, stay away from pinch points, bring all the proper safety gear and check ice conditions often. The river should see a bit of an uptick in fishing success as we move through this month. 


Inland lakes are still providing positive fishing opportunities for most. Fish Lake has some plowed roads accessing some new areas. Best to spread out, and please do not drill out on plowed roads or next to permanent shacks. This only floods said areas, and makes it a headache. All lakes we have been on this last week are producing some nice catches of panfish. Although driving a vehicle can be done on Fish Lake, most other lakes are snow machine access only. Best bite continues to be in the afternoon as the sun warms things up and kicks in the fresh aquatic hatches. Being mobile is important, as spending to much time on a dead bite spot is not productive. As we move closer to spring, being on the move or "pedal to the metal" needs to be a regular approach. Be safe out and again, don't forget to stop down and say hi a the upcoming sports show.       

Tight Lines & GoOd FiShN,

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