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Jarrid Houston's fishing report

Fishing Opportunities in Area are Endless

We have been busy guiding everyday and couldn't possibly be happier for our clients to experience all that our area has to offer.

By: Jarrid Houston | May 27, 2020

It has been an all out great last week of fishing. We have been busy guiding everyday and couldn't possibly be happier for our clients to experience all that our area has to offer. The fishing opportunities in this area are endless. We have been on Lake Superior, St. Louis River, Inland Waters and Stream Fishing. The diverse fisheries we have around here is nothing short of awesome. With that said, lets all continue to take care of our natural resources. Reading the recent DNR report, I am disappointed in the amount of tickets that have been written on account of fishing violations. Honestly, many of us live, eat, breath, fishing and it is disheartening to know selfish people out there break the rules. On another point, we have been witness to much overharvesting happening in and around our area waters. This last week, we have found some fantastic panfish bites, but have elected to leave the active shallow spawning fish alone and concentrate more on other fish opportunities. Maybe its just me, but I don't see the sport in fishing spawn beds for vulnerable fish. We should leave these fish alone so they contribute to the resource. If anyone has questions about this, please feel free to contact me. One more point I want to touch on. With the closing of the Canadian border, many are flocking to northern MN and WI to fish (which of course is great). However, it is also important to take this into consideration before taking a "limit" of mature aged fish. Okay onto our fishing report, and yes, its another good one. 

Lake Superior has seen record numbers of anglers take to all the boat access points. Success rates have been up and down, but for the most part, anglers are finding some good catches. This last week we had a school of King Salmon hanging around. This brought much attention to the waters in and around both entries of the Twin Ports. Best baits were bright colored purples, pinks and oranges. Best profiles were a mix of stick baits and spoons, however stick baits seemed to be more popular. It is important to try and track down your own troll lanes and not piggy back off others. Depths that have been targeted have been 40-100 feet of water, but anywhere around 60 feet has been best. It been important to be in the more clear water, the sort of tea stained stuff. Most hauls have included Lake Trout, but some lucky anglers are boxing a few browns and the occasional King Salmon. The best part of fishing the Gitch this last week is no doubt the weather cooperation. The bad part one may argue would be the recent bug hatches. 

Stream fishing has remained pretty consistent for anglers. We are still hearing of some Steelhead being caught swinging flies. 

St. Louis River (like Lake Superior) has had unusual super busy traffic as well. The bite has been up and down, but we have been able to find lots of consistency. We have been more/less looking to the areas that are showing signs of fresh vegetation. Finding yourself fishing in crowds is not ideal as you are usually now playing the "fish lottery". Best to try and hone in on your own sections and keep them to yourself. Its hard to believe, but we have been fishing waters of 2 feet to 5 feet and finding good bites. And not just good bites for walleyes, but also some dandy catfish, pike, perch and crappies. Especially on the days where we get a little breeze to help hide the boat. Worms have been the staple, but we are seeing some fish start to scarf down #5 crankbaits as well. Also picking up bites on live fatheads drifting over deeper holes on shallow basins. This last week we got to net a over 31" walleye for one of our lucky customers. After a quick pic and release, she's still swimming and I hope someone else gets to experience such trophy. 


Chris Nelson of Esko, MN with a 31.25" Trophy Walleye fishing with HGS on Memorial Day, St Louis River, drifting a night crawler.

Inland waters have been the most inconsistent bite as of late. As mentioned before, we support and encourage not to target panfish and bass on beds. However, it is very cool to watch them work. Walleyes have transitioned into some deeper waters. We are still tangling with a few near old spawning grounds, but the inland walleye bite has kind of went into a funk. Best tactic has been slip bobbers off drops-offs in the 12-22 feet of water. Pike have been very active this week. Casting spinner baits and stick baits up toward shorelines has boated several slime rockets this last week. Also getting some dandy Smallies and Largies using this same casting tactic. Waters will start to spike in temperature now that we are moving into June, so look for things to continue to transition into new types of bites. 

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