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Jarrid Houston's fishing report

Pretty Dang Good Fishing this Week

The weather has been a nice consistent pattern, and that has helped us figure out some good fish routines.

By: Jarrid Houston | January 29, 2020

Fishing in the area has been pretty dang good this last week. From the pan-fish, to pike to trout and white fish, we have had some good success on different area waters. The weather has been a nice consistent pattern, and that has helped us figure out some good fish routines. I'll go as far to say, we have even got some fish dialed in on time schedules. The upcoming forecast calls for more the same. Which obviously tells us, we should stick to our regular routine. As far as ice conditions go, we are still battling and finding challenging travel. Lots of slush on many area lakes have lots of anglers sidelined. It has been so bad, that even some ice fishing tournaments have had to cancel. Not to mention lots of resort operations and retail/bait stores calling it a season. The silver lining to all the bad ice angling, fish are getting a break. If you do have the ambition to put in the hard work and get out on the water, you will be rewarded. February, here we come...

Lake Superior continues to get a few anglers fishing the North Shore chucking baits over open water. A few steelhead and salmon have been willing biters for the anglers putting in the time and effort. For ice fishing, most anglers continue to flock to Chequamegon Bay. Unfortunately, many are still fishing the same areas, as ice has not grown to much toward the islands. The areas north of Washburn and into the Bayfield Peninsula have lots of open water. The little bit of ice in said areas, is just too dangerous to fish. I'm assuming we will not see an ice road to Madeline Island this year. Further more, I just don't see us getting on ice here in the Duluth/Superior areas. For the lucky anglers out in WI waters, best tactics have been to spread out, I repeat, spread out and try and avoid noise. Also, it pays to be patient and stick out a spot. We have been finding fish in 6-30 feet of water. 


St. Louis River has been on the low down recently, and we are still not seeing the angling pressure that came around the New Year. Some are finding some willing biters in the flats fishing the 4-12 feet heavily contoured areas. Sturgeon are still active, and its easy to tell when one is around by looking at your graph. Usually it's a very colorful mark that comes and goes until a line is bit. The walleyes continue to play ball at the low light periods, but we are still seeing many smaller caliber fish. 

Inland waters have good bites going on, but anglers need to put in good effort getting to hard-to-reach spots. The trailblazers will turn the best results. Look to the back bays that hold both vegetation and basin fishing. I like to set up camp right on the outside of the weeds in the shallow to deep transitions. Same areas I often target in a boat. Best baits of choice this last week have been soft plastics on tungsten jigs. Tip-ups continue to bring a few bass, pike and occasional walleye topside as well. Super pumped the weather has been on our side, and looking forward to more mobility type fishing. As this has also been important, especially in the pressured lakes of both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Stay safe out there, see you on the water..

Tight Lines & GoOd FiShN,

Capt. Jarrid


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