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2020 Off to Good Start

With this last week's more consistent weather and better ice conditions, things are actually turning around for the better.

By: Jarrid Houston | January 8, 2020

2020 is off to a good start and we are seeing clearly. Bad joke I know. In all seriousness, not only are both the Vikings and the Packers in the NFL post season playoffs, but the fish bite seems to be picking up as well. With this last week's more consistent weather and better ice conditions, things are actually turning around for the better. Let's hope this trend continues. As of this report, we actually have skim ice floats outside of Duluth. Nothing to get too excited about, but colder weather is finally here and ice will only get better. Good luck to the Pack and Vikes and, of course, you anglers out there. Here is our weekly report:


Lake Superior ice continues to expand with the recent cold temperatures and more ice building. No safe ice to report on the North Shore or South Shore. However, Chequamegon Bay ice continues to grow out toward Washburn and Bayfield. Last year at this time, Lake Superior ice coverage was about the same. So we can honestly hold onto hope that we will again have safe ice in the Twin Ports area. Lets cross our fingers. For right now, ice thickness varies but we are mostly seeing 4-8" depending on what side of Chequamegon Bay you are on. As far as fishing goes, its been a better bite on account of the water clarity cleaning up. Best tactic has been to aggressively jig pink, silver or gold spoons tipped with minnow heads in shallower waters of 10-25 feet. We are seeing some action on set-lines, but most fish are coming top side on jig sticks. Remember to be careful as always and check as you go. 

St. Louis River has seen "some" angler success in the form of a few smaller walleyes in the harbor area and a few panfish in the back bays, mid river. Last weekend brought dangerous conditions to the river, so angling pressure did dwindle a bit. As of now things are healing up though. Best tactic is to seek out shallow water fish and work a jig stick near a dead stick. 

Inland water ice conditions has even healed up a bit this last week as well. Most areas are still accessible only by snomos or walking, but slush is starting to stiffen up and we are on our way to better conditions. I can foresee maybe some vehicle traffic starting to happen on some select waters in the next few weeks, but lets not rush anything. Best bite continues to be mornings and later afternoons. Although the walleye bite has somewhat slowed down recently, the blue gill bite seems to be picking up. Those who put in the "run n gun" effort are being rewarded. The panfish bite will continue to get better as we keep moving into longer day light time periods. 

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