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Social Distancing and Fishing Go Together

Be safe out there, together we can all get through this. In the meantime, the best social distancing you're going to find is fishing.

By: Jarrid Houston | March 19, 2020

I don't know about all of you, but I'm sure happy to be living in an area of the world that for the most part, eats, breathes, bleeds fishing! We are all currently living in a time of mass confusion. It is filled with conflicts we have never encountered before. When we as anglers hit the water, we tend to shut off the business of the real world. After all, the "real world" for many of us is on the water. With that being said, let's use our great angler ethics and be kind and courteous to one another. Let's all share in the great resources that are readily available to all of us. Be safe out there, together we can all get through this. In the meantime, the best social distancing you're going to find is fishing. Here is our awesome weekly report (its a good one): 
Lake Superior anglers continue to bring some decent catches boat-side, shore-side and top-side over ice. The soft water anglers are still taking to the North Shore and finding mixed success. For those that are taking out the boats, it's still advised to get to the launch early. Also, make sure that when you are loading your boat, you drain all of the water from the trailer. Water can freeze on the sloped launch, causing spinouts and tough launching/loading conditions. Trolling near shore and long lining stick baits is taking some Salmon and Trout. Shorelanders continue to cast out weighted bobbers and/or large spoons. Best success is up near Two Harbors, but some are starting to find a few bites in and around the French and Lester Rivers. 
For us Lake Superior ice heads, we are still measuring ice up to 14" in areas by Ashland WI. Some of the best fishing of the year is happening on the hard waters of the Chequamegon Bay. That does not mean go out there without the proper precautions. Still best to check in with the bait shops, resorts and/or guides. The areas north of Washburn are pretty much done for the year as the south channel is really wrecking havoc. Best bites have included mixed bags of Pike, Walleye, Perch, Burbot, Trout, Whitefish and Salmon. Its pretty much been even on setlines vs. jig sticks. However, I prefer to jig and watch my electronics. For setlines, it is best to run in a parallel line rather than box or circle. Especially if you are fishing with buddies. For example, if I have 6 guys fishing with me, we are going to file our setups in a line, so that no one is at a disadvantage being boxed in. Best bait this last week has been elongated buckshot spoons, like the 360 venom spoon tipped with a emerald shiner head. I forecast we are down to the last couple of weeks ice fishing Lake Superior.
St. Louis River is pretty much a ghost town now that the cutter and tugs are continuing to open up areas. Further meaning, the river is getting very dangerous. Last weekend, a truck went through in a back bay of Superior, WI. Please, if you plan on getting out after some panfish in them back bays, best to walk at this point. 
Inland waters have panfish going like gangbusters. Different lakes have different cultures of fish, so its hard to talk about all the bite happening, but I assure you, most waters are putting out some vulnerable fish. We have been locating most our crappies and sunfish in the 10-20 feet of water over vegetation. Drilling out "swiss cheese" continues to pay off for hole hopping. Most the snow on the area waters is almost gone, so time to bust out the boot cleats to keep from slipping and falling. However, they are also a noise disturbance, so if you can get by without them. That is best. 4 lb mono-tied to 1/32nd oz custom painted tungsten jigs tipped with maki plastics has been my perfect recipe. Although, finding schooled up competitive feeding fish is way more important. So again, trust your electronics. We are getting close to the end of ice, so get out there and enjoy what we have left. If anything, it should help take our minds off of the "business of the real world."
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