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Remote Minnesota: Five out-of-the-way trails and state parks to escape to this summer

By: The Growler, David Sandager | June 13, 2019

Minnesota is blessed with an abundance of scenic attractions and wonders that are renowned across and beyond the Land of Sky Blue Waters. But for those amongst us seeking less-trodden trails, a host of options can be found across the North Star State. Some are hidden deep within Minnesota’s wilderness while others can be found a mere 20-minute drive south from Duluth’s Aerial Bridge.

If the path less taken calls to you this summer, here are a couple of options for the remote reaches of Minnesota.

  1. Ely’s Peak (Gary-New Duluth, MN)

Travelers speeding along Interstate 35 just south of the Twin Ports are often heading home or just about to set out on their northern adventure, and in doing so unwittingly pass this Gary-New Duluth treasure. Ely’s Peak is a 1,133-foot-tall granite outcropping featuring miles of hiking trails that interconnect with the Superior Hiking Trail. Carved through the cliffside is the Duluth, Winnipeg, and Pacific Railway’s 520-foot-long, 18-foot-tall rail tunnel, which was finished in 1912 when the railway reached the Duluth area. The tunnel was utilized by rail traffic until the 1980s, and today is open for explorers to marvel at the views from inside and atop Ely’s Peak.

Nearest Brewery: Lake Superior Brewing Co. in Duluth, MN (11 miles)

Nearest State Park: Jay Cooke State Park (8.3 miles)

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